Behind the Scenes into the making of “Kì-Kí Ÿågø — Сирои Ха”


Our drive to start this project actually emerged from an introduction to the Metahuman software for Unreal Engine 5. I had seen the amazing advances in Unreal Engine over the last few years, but could not convince myself to learn this beast of a program until I saw THE METAHUMANS. Metahuman Creator is a web app that allows you to create and customize an avatar. During this process, the app streams to you a video feed in order to avoid any client side render costs. When you are ready, you can export and load all the textures / models / shaders / blueprints for a functional metahuman in Unreal Engine.

Our attempt at recreating Kiki Yago
Kiki’s self exploration


The goal was to get Kiki to sing and record her facial capture for the entire song, keeping in mind that Kiki was in Saint Petersburg / Russia , and we were in San Francisco / USA. We decided on using the FaceCap application, since our friend used it for her Little Martian project and had promising results, and all it needed was an iPhone 10 or above! Kiki downloaded it on her iPhone, and could send us the FBX over telegram!

Telegram, the Remote Face Capture Studio
Quick sassy capture of Kiki


Once we were confident in our Face Capture remote pipeline, we moved on to the environment design and visual effects! This is a big and slightly unrelated topic since most of this work was done in HoudiniFX — so i’m going to split that into another article:)

MSPaint Concept Art



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